The Young Ones Art Director Cube 2019: Gold


D&AD Brief: Wood Pencil Winner 2018

Utah ADDY 2019: Gold

Ever felt the guilt of holding a wilted tomato over a trash bag and releasing it to its ultimate demise? When we realize our produce is wilted or browned, it’s already too late and you're left without the ingredients for your fresh BLT. So we created a sticker called 'Ripe Alert' -- a sticker that detects levels of ethylene gas so we know when our produce is at peak freshness.

Watch our video to see how it works:

Visual representation of the Ripe Alert in action:

Mayo is an essential part of a delicious sandwich, but it's nothing without fresh crisp veggies. For Hellmann's to really champion this cause of preventing food waste, we redesigned the classic Mayo jar to include a set of stickers on the label, perfect for keeping that lettuce, tomato, and onion fresh for this week's lunches.

For this project, I did the research, ideated, and Art Directed.

Copywriter: Ian Forsyth

DP/Editor: Cole Davis

Art Director: Taylor Whitlock